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Connect to Messenger without installing any client


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There seem to be more and more IM clients popping up all the time with the aim of offering simpler and more efficient alternatives to the internationally known Windows Live Messenger.

Emesene is one of those clients – it opts for simplicity when connecting to your messaging account and being able to talk to your contacts without using too many resources.

The program includes all the basic features of Windows Live Messenger, like the ability to edit your image and handle, set a status, use emoticons for your contacts, and much more.

It also includes an interesting plugin manager that lets you equip your new messenger with features like compatibility with Messenger Plus, video posting on YouTube, buzzes, and conversation logs.

Also, thanks to this portable version, you can run the program on any computer without having to install any component. The file includes everything needed for the application to start directly so you can take it with you on any pendrive and use it anytime on any computer.
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